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 Dixie belle paint
     Chalk paint & Silk paint


About Us

    The Story Behind Dixie Belle Paint Company

Hey, y’all! I am Suzanne, the founder of Dixie Belle Paint Company.

During a particularly difficult time in my personal life, I started refurbishing furniture as my therapy. I hated the sanding, scraping and priming part of the refurbishing, just took too much time! That’s when I heard of a type of paint that did away with all those miserable steps. I tried to purchase some but it was crazy expensive. That was when I decided to come up with my own recipe that was more cost-effective. voila… Dixie Belle was born!

My vision is for everyone to be able to enjoy the fun and therapy painting can bring without breaking the bank. Dixie Belle Paint is a family-owned and operated company right here in the good ol’ USA! Built on American values and true Southern Hospitality.

I hope you will enjoy working with all our Dixie Belle Products.

House Painting Tools
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